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A Reading Machine


  • Easy to use
    Bruno has a control panel that is equipped with just 4 tactile-marked control keys.
  • Scan the whole page without any issues
    A common issue with smaller books or other printed texts is the fact that it is difficult to scan the entire page and get a quality image, because the text is to close to the binding of the book and in the final image it can seem curved. This problem often prevents proper text-to-speech recognition, however Bruno has been designed to have Image acquisition (text recognition) up to 2mm from the binding area of any printed publications. Therefore, scanning the entire page as a flat surface and getting a quality image for further is no challenge for Bruno.
  • Windows OS computer
    Bruno is equipped with a Windows OS computer.
  • Export to MP3
    The recognized text can be exported in MP3 format to a external storage device (USB flash drive) as well as Android phones.
  • External compatibility with other equipment
    Bruno is currently the only device that provides compatibility with the world’s popular portable audio player – HumanWare Victor Reader Stream.
  • Flexible language change
    Bruno provides the choice of more than 50 languages and voices.


The 4 function keys make Bruno very easy to use simply and comfortably for everyday needs, even for a user without computer skills.

The function keys are complemented by tactile symbols that make Bruno even more intuitive and user-friendly.

The function keys:
• Initiate the scanning of one or more pages
• Set different languages and read back voices
• Navigate back and forth by sentences and/or pages
• Set the reading speed
• Export the MP3 files to the HumanWare Victor Reader Stream device or any USB external storage devices


  • Bruno comes complete with Brunomaster – text visualization software.
  • Bruno gives you the opportunity to make full use of the built-in Windows OS computer and install your own programs like internet browser, different MP3 playback software in addition to the original ones, etc.

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